About Us

The Lakshya Speciality Cancer Care Center was founded on July 2012. It is on a mission since then to see that today's cancer affected emerge victorious with adequate treatment and ensure that initiatives are taken today to make tomorrow cancerfree and possiblv never.We believe in providing a personalized, friendly, conducive, pleasant, close to home and out-of-the-hospital environment day care center network for the safe administration of treatment for cancer & blood disorder patients.

Our initiative is to help reduce admission costs significantly i.e. pay only for what time patients spend for treatment thereby making treatment more affordable to larger population, reach out to place & provide services where there ore currently no cancer or hemotology hospital, reduce risk of infection due to exposure from other patients visiting hospitals & also provide convenience of Queless admissions. Our end objective is to offer awide network of day care centers thatwould improve quality of life, reduce cost & expand treatment facilities to smaller centers without compromising on treatment care.

Lakshya Speciality Cancer Care Center operates from 3 nodes :

Pune, Nasik and Aurangabad seeking Its aims to make cancer never and has its own Cancer hospital at Pune providing uncompromised treatment.

The Lakshya Cancer Hospital has been founded to combat Cancer & its spread with in the society. It was founded in the year July 2012 with a mission to provide the best of care and treatment that can reach out to large population, who don't have easy access to such facilities at an affordable cost.

The most common factor for Cancer in our country is Tobacco, Which has brought curse to society with its innumerable rise in number of cases from every part of country. Whereas, cases of breast cancer or cervix uterus are detected currently on a large number, then few years back.

Early diagnosis of cancer does bring a ray of hope of survival & Lakshya Cancer Hospital is right place for patients. Cancer is held as potentially curable if it is diagnosed and treated in its early stages. Even in late stages where cure may not be possible patient can be treated at Lashkya Cancer Care to have meaningful life with disease. Correct diagnosis and management is of paramount importance to Lakshya Cancer Hospital and that is the reason, it is held as Best Cancer Hospital in Pune. With a team of experienced and well known Medical oncologists aided by Onco Surgeons, they have made a difference to the treatment altogether.

Here is the range of service provided in an organised manner to its number of patient care centres, which includes:

Dedicated Biological Therapy Unit

Lakshya Cancer Hospital has mastered in biological therapies with the use of substances manufactured from living organism or specially made in laboratory. These therapies may make use of vaccines or bacteria to stimulate the immune systems to work against the cancer cells. Generally these therapies also called "biological response immune therapy" do not target the cancel cells directly .At Best Cancer Hospital biological therapies like antibodies do targets the cancer cells directly and interfere in tumor growth and progression collectively known as Targeted Therapies are all available at an affordable cost.


Surgeries to treat cancer plays a pivotal role, where experienced hand of surgeons operating to make the life better, by timely removal of cancer tumor. Lakshya Cancer Hospital has experienced team of doctors and medical experts to provide complete treatment with timely observation about the progress of recovery along, with outmost care are given to its patients.

Cancer Pain management

Pain is inevitable, either due to cancerous tumor itself or as a result of the treatment undertaken which may include Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. The intensity may differ from case to case. The experienced staffs of Lakshya Cancer Hospital are well equipped to treat the associate cancer pain through correct usage or combination of medicines to further help in alleviating the physical as well as the psychological effect. Doctors at Lakshya Cancer Hospital at times opt for non-drug treatments for managing cancer pain. These treatments are further meant to make medicines work better and bring positivity in overall medication process
All in all, Lakshya Cancer Hospital has proven itself as the Best Cancer Hospital in Pune, by bringing an outstanding service through a new approach of early diagnosis and treatment for this dreaded disease there by helping a lot of patients through their experience and facilities available.

Diet Consultation

The Role of Major Nutrients in Cancer Prevention Calories come in the form of macronutrients including fat, carbohydrate, and protein. Most foods provide a mixture of macronutrients. Clinical trials and other association studies are examining whether the macronutrients people eat over time affect their cancer risk.
Factors that contribute to energy balance, such as physical activity and diet, also play an important role in cancer prevention. Energy imbalance, or eating and drinking more than your body needs, are associated with either obesity or inadequate nutrition.

Psycho-Oncology Consultation

Psycho-oncology: The psychological, social, behavioral, and ethical aspects of cancer. Psycho-oncology addresses the two major psychological dimensions of cancer:

1. The psychological responses of patients to cancer at all stages of the disease, and that of their families and caretakers;

2. The psychological, behavioral and social factors that may influence the disease process.

The dimensions of psycho-oncology have changed as more children and adults have earned the title of cancer survivor. The impact of cancer is far greater than the millions of new cancer cases worldwide each year. Many cancer patients remain out of sight of the health services due to societal stigma and lack of resources to diagnose, treat and support.
Regardless of the prognosis, cancer is a cause of anxiety and depression in more than one-third of the cancer patients. Cancer has a profound effect on the function of the family in both social and economic terms. Across our globe there are inequality and differences in all aspects of cancer. Cancer incidence and survival are related to socio-economic status but also on the individual level we distinguish between individual differences and effects of the cancer experience.